Jason Cowley and Isabel Hardman

Jason Cowley and Isabel Hardman

Saturday 10th November

15.30 – 16.30

Jason Cowley and Isabel Hardman

‘Jason Cowley has consistently been ahead of the game in sensing, and then tracking, the convulsions that have been shaking Britain.’  Tom Holland

‘The untold, candid account of our MPs. Isabel Hardman has been able to pierce our protective armour because we trust and respect her. And she’s analysed what she found with a fierce intellect.’ Harriet Harman MP

Between them, New Statesman editor Jason Cowley and The Spectator assistant editor Isabel Hardman have interviewed most of the great and the good and the otherwise in Westminster. So if you’ve been wondering just what has been going on with politics in the last decade, from Corbyn to Brexit, then come and hear two of our leading journalists discuss the state of politics and politicians today.

Venue: The George Farha Auditorium, Dulwich College
Price: £10