The Language of War 

The Language of War 

Sunday 11th November

14.30 – 15.30

Sulaiman Addonia and Michael Hughes with Stephanie Cross

Silence is my Mother Tongue tells the story of Saba, who arrives in an East African refugee camp as a young girl. Challenging our expectations of the refugee experience, Sulaiman Addonia lyrically depicts love in a time of conflict and reflects on the stories we must tell to survive. The story of The Iliad moves to Northern Ireland in 1996, a time of uneasy ceasefire, in Michael Hughes’ Country. A visceral and gripping tour-de-force, Country explores the brutal glory of armed conflict and the bitter tragedy of those on both sides who offer their lives to defend the honour of their country.

Join Sulaiman and Michael as they discuss their powerful new novels with journalist Stephanie Cross and explore themes of violence, identity, language and the power of the stories we tell.

Venue: Informatics Suite, Dulwich College

Price: £11